Do Not Ever Use a Sponge Again, Seriously, They’re Gross ‌ ‌

Do Not Ever Use a Sponge Again, Seriously, They’re Gross ‌ ‌

The reasons to ditch your kitchen sponge are never ending. If you’re still using a sponge in your kitchen you need to seriously reconsider your cleaning habits and your effect on the environment. 

Here, let me tell you more.

Sponges Are Disgusting

The amount of bacteria that is breeding inside your kitchen sponge is disgusting. ‌

The bacteria inside your sponge include but are definitely not limited to E. Coli, Salmonella, Enterobacter cloacae, and Staphylococcus aureus. Here is a fun scientific report to read if you feel like grossing yourself out about what gross stuff is inside your sponge.

Even as you’re using your sponge to wash your dishes, little pieces are breaking off contaminating our waterway.

Replace Your Sponge

In the best interest of your health, you should replace your sponge every two weeks. That’s 26 sponges a year, within 50 years you would have used 1300 sponges.

And within those 50 years, not one of those sponges will have biodegraded. In fact, sponges can take hundreds of years to decompose. When you die every single sponge you have ever used is sitting in a landfill. How gross is that?

Clean Your Sponge

You can toss your sponge in your microwave to kill the bacteria, but only if your microwave is powerful enough. And try to not set fire to the sponge while it’s in there, the sponge will have to be wet when it’s in the microwave. ‌

Alternative: 100% Cotton Cloth Sponge

Try a dish cloth or cloth sponge instead. These can be washed weekly with your regular laundry ensuring they are clean and bacteria-free. 

A reusable cloth sponge that is made of 100% cotton will last for over 5 years in your home, and once you toss it, it will decompose in about 5 months.

Alternative: Dish Brush

A dish brush is the most hygienic option for washing your dishes. These brushes don’t hold moisture and therefore do not harbor bacteria. Need to clean your dish brush? Rinse off the food particles and soak it in some vinegar and you’re good to go. 

If you choose a bamboo or coconut dish brush, your brush can be composted. And even if you do toss it in the trash, it won't take long to decompose because it's made of natural material. 

Sponge Alternatives

There are other alternatives to a typical kitchen sponge such as a Swedish dishcloth, wash cloth or dishcloth, scour pads, or loofahs. Anything that can be washed and is compostable or biodegradable is always a better option. 


Ready to be done with sponges forever? Perfect, welcome to the club. Come into Evolve and check out all the sponge replacements we have available!
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