About Us

Hi, I'm Stephanie!


I opened Evolve in August 2021 in a quest to make it easier for people in our community to make sustainable swaps.

Being kind to our earth is something my husband and I have always felt passionate about and we want to instill in our children.


On any given day you might see my kids, Charlotte & Parker, running around the store, ask them for a tour - they love to explain to you their favorite items!

My mom, Margaret, is here just about as much, if not more, than I am! I am very thankful for her help with everything! 

Sometimes on our slower days you will find my Husband, PJ, working here while he is also working his regular job. And on her school breaks you will find Abby helping us out!


We are a small family run business just trying to help teach our community the easy choices they can make to help our earth!



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