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Compostable Flossers - Box of 50

Compostable Flossers - Box of 50

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Take care of your teeth and the environment with these eco-friendly floss picks.

Made primarily from corn starch and packaged in compostable paper packaging, these floss picks are designed to minimize stress on the environment while delivering a premium experience.

The thin floss glides effortlessly between tight teeth, stimulating the gums and removing food particles and plaque. With textured picks, these flossers provide a deep clean for hard-to-reach areas. They're also shred-resistant, ensuring that you get a thorough clean every time. And to top it off, these floss picks leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean, preventing bad breath caused by trapped food particles.

Join the sustainable movement with these compostable floss picks made from silk, ensuring that the entire flosser can be composted after use. With 50 floss picks in every box, you'll have plenty to keep your teeth clean and the environment happy.

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